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Be kind


There are thousands of socially-isolated older people in the UK who are experiencing loneliness every day. British Red Cross wanted to take over stations across the country to ask commuters for a regular gift to combat this loneliness.



We wanted to show commuters how one kind act can mean so much to so many. Having someone to share a cup of tea with, pick up your prescription or pop in a load of laundry can make a huge difference – providing vital support, comfort and companionship. It was also important to give commuters a positive experience to BRC and introduce them to their new brand positioning.

Client: British Red Cross

role: Art Director

copywriter: Alfie Waldron

shutterstock_670230625 2_edited.jpg
Banner BRC.jpg
BR2474.002 Dialogue Pitch Presentation.j
BR2474.002 Dialogue Pitch Presentation.j

We created the idea of a board that passers-by could share kind words on. This would engage commuters and act as a 'kindness totaliser', with a steer that crowd mentality would encourage more people to join in.

BR2474.002 Dialogue Pitch Presentation9.
BR2474.002 Dialogue Pitch Presentation3.
BR2474.002 Dialogue Pitch Presentation5.
BR2474.002 Dialogue Pitch Presentation8.
BR2474.002 Dialogue Pitch Presentation3.
BR2474.002 Dialogue Pitch Presentation9.

These are a few photos I was sent through from Huddersfield by the excited and lovely fundraisers (and their sadly low-quality cameras).

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