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Comic Relief have come a long way since 1985, and have raised over £1 billion for incredible causes. However they need to engage younger audiences to support Red Nose Day in order to keep thriving. 



We developed and delivered a strategy that targeted two consumer segments (18-25 and 26-30) driven by social media adverts and a variety of digital content.

Client: Comic Relief

role: Art Director

Copywriter: Becky Hobden

Beauty Vlogger Full Youtube Cover Image.

Our first challenge was to encourage both audiences to order the fundraising pack. My idea to create a vlogger unboxing spoof was the ideal way to kickstart engagement.

The idea was well received by Comic Relief and it was then suggested we developed a longer video and multiple cuts that were optimal for various channels. 

In total I executed 5 cuts for Facebook, 5 for Instagram and 1 Instagram story. And a tech version too...

Ordering the fundraising pack

Alongside the vlogger spoofs, we worked with Comic Relief's 2019 proposition, Come Together, to produced ads that brought to life their new look and feel, and call to action.

We tested different creative routes, with good results, so the media agency continued to run all ads leading up to Red Nose Day.

'Wearing PJs to work'

  • 23,612 clicks

  • 2,506 packs downloaded

  • £7 CPA

bake together

  • 13,644 clicks

  • 1,938 packs downloaded

  • £9 CPA

Encouraging youth engagement

We also presented ideas to encourage youth engagement to support the social ads. These included: Instagram story stickers, face-detection Red Nose emojis, influencer take-overs where influencers post their favourite joke in unison (think Fyre Festival, but jokes instead of orange squares, and also not an insane lie) and a donation activation idea for the Four Weddings reunion.

Group Chat Whats App.jpg
Face Detection Red Nose Emoji.jpg
Trump Put a Red Nose On It.jpg
Four Weddings Gift List.jpg
Four Weddings Gift List.jpg

The Gift List


A gift list for the happy (mystery) couple, including food for the those in need, safe places to stay for refugees and support for people suffering from mental illness.

Digital activation

We concepted for larger digital activations in order to further push donations. Comic Relief loved these ideas and developed them in-house.

Dance off

A dorky Dad dancer? A family of flossers? Who will win our dance off? Come together to vote for your favourite...

Dancers submit a one minute video of themselves. The public vote for their favourite via text to donate. 

Screenshot 2019-03-16 at 18.14.13.png
Screenshot 2019-03-16 at 18.20.37.png

We're in charge

Ever wanted to ruin a celebrity’s life? Well, now’s your chance! For one day only, you get to make every decision for them. Oh, the power...


Our celeb hands over all their decision making for one day. Members of the public join together to choose between Option A or B.


We all know the group of celebs are climbing Kili, but Comic Relief left someone behind! Rylan is upset that he didn’t get asked to climb the mountain with Shirley Ballas. 'What’s wrong, not famous enough for you, Comic Relief?'


To retaliate, he is going to climb the equivalent distance up and down his stairs at home, and splash it all over his social media. Rylan will send out his own attempts to fundraise, with cardboard signs, a homemade t-shirt and a bed sheet basecamp in his front room.

Screenshot 2019-03-16 at 18.22.50.png

Red Nose Day took place on Friday the 15th of March. Whilst the fundraising is coming to a close and our project evaluation is underway, we already know it was a hugely successful campaign in the run up to, and including, the day.

Final result: £63,548,668 Raised! 🎉 🎉 🎉

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