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London to brighton


Up to 18,000 people sign up to London to Brighton Bike Ride every year, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to turn up on the day, follow the rules of the ride or even fundraise. For some, the excitement they felt when they signed up will fade, as the training becomes a slog or they simply have second thoughts. Others may be panicking that they don’t know how to prepare for the day.



We put everything a rider needed into one exciting pack. There was practical advice, encouragement and, importantly, inspiration to fundraise. Landing up to 6 weeks before the big day, this pack gave participants all the information they need, reignite their excitement about the event and encourage them to fundraise, making it super easy for people to raise whatever they can to help fight heart disease.

Client: British Heart Foundation

role: Art Director and illustrator 

copywriter: Alfie Waldron


A challenge was the lack of photography from last years event, so I used bright illustrations to fill the pack with inspiring imagery, without making the necessary information too drab.


In addition to the practical elements of the pack, we created a mechanism to help the riders fundraise. This 'treasure map' piece required the participant to donate to enter, then write their name where they thought Harry had lost his repair kit. This was a fun way to increase the riders donation and boost fundraising.

IMG_0120 copy.jpg
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